The Almanac of China Paper Industry, established in 1986 and now published annually, is viewed as the only official tool featuring the most comprehensive collection of general information about China's paper industry. The book presents a complete overview of the entire pulp and paper industry, with statistics covering marketing survey and analysis, consumption trends, imports and exports, management, government policy and scientific development.
Welcome to CTAPI

Founded in June 1964, China Technical Association of Paper Industry (CTAPI) is China's largest state-owned agency servicing China's paper industry. CTAPI is directly under the supervision of China Association of Science and Technology (CAST) and China National Light Industry Council (CNLIC). Historically, no one in China could take the place of CTAPI as a leading role in serving China's paper industry. Even today, CTAPI remains as a main body in supporting China's paper industry. highlights

Academic activities
Consisting of 5 standing committees and 14 technical commissions, CTAPI is powerful in providing technical service for both production and scientifical research. For the past four decades, CTAPI has tremendously aided China's paper mills and pulp plants in the form of various technical

conference and exhibition as well as some projects. Forums and paper exhibitions sponsored by CTAPI, such as TAPPI Technical Conference and China Paper, are frequent events here in China.

Membership around China

With more than 18,000 members around China, CTAPI has established its service network around China. Its nationwide activities covering almost every area of modern paper industry become significant to China's paper mills.. Internationally, CTAPI is active in various academic events and has well-established ties with considerable world-level research institutes. CTAPI is actually the first stop for those who wish to know about China's paper industry.

CTAPI is always looking forward to working with you and serving you better in the future.